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Christina Rossetti Lewis Carroll

Cristy & Carroll

     Did you know that Christina Rossetti and Lewis Carroll had a long-lasting friendship?


     When Lewis Carroll published Alice in Wonderland, he presented Rossetti with a copy; both she and her brother, the Pre-Raphaelite Gabriel Dante, delighted in the book. Later, Christina Rossetti wrote a similar type of fantasy, called Speaking Likenesses.

     Learn more by listening to "Christina & Carroll: Poetry & Wonder" in our Earlier Episodes.

Alice in Wonderland



A new edition of the timeless tale with fresh new colour illustrations to accompany Tenniel’s brilliant originals.

White Rabbit from Alice in wonderland

“ …fantastical and uncanny illustrations …”
“Readers familiar with John Tenniel’s original illustrations will find themselves in a visual landscape that feels both familiar and new. Like Alice exploring the world of Wonderland, these images invite the curious reader to discover unexpected and surprising details.”


Dr Jan Susina, Illinois State University
Author of The Place of Lewis Carroll in Children's Literature

“...both on trend and a pastiche of Victorian aesthetics,...
These new illustrations are both surreal and sensible, much like the Wonderland text.”


Dr. Amanda Lastoria,
Publishing and Art Historian and former Editor of Lewis Carroll Review






Available from Amazon :


The opening chapters of the audio version are also up on Youtube :

Alice in wonderland
gramophone victrola phonograph

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